I would like to invite you to join me on my new musical journey this season with the launch of

Musical Roots: An Exploration of a Cultural Heritage and Journey

This project had its genesis in 2006 upon discovering a very old letter from Moscow written to my father and my attempt to locate its author. Born in Russia in 1922, my father died when I was quite young. Never having known him as an adult, and with my curiosity piqued, I began my quest to learn about his life and journey to America, which traversed four continents. His story became my story - the impetus to explore my cultural heritage and influences. The culmination of this exploration (journey) inspired me to create a series of four stories relayed via musical narratives (recitals), as a proud daughter and sister of immigrants.

I. In My Father's Footsteps-a daughter's search for answers

My father died when I was quite young so I never had the chance to really know him as an adult.This is the story of discovering the man I called “Abba” (Hebrew for father) by tracing his journey through life.
Born in Soviet Russia in 1923, my father’s life unfolded as a fantastic portrayal of courage and perseverance in pursuing his dreams. My search for answers uncovered his many roles and adventures: WWII as a medic in the Russian army, serving as a doctor in a DP camp in Berlin's Russian sector, a daring escape from Stalin’s clutches to Foehrenwald DP camp in the American sector, a brief time in Argentina, recruited to the newly formed Israel, and finally to America where I was born.
The music presented in this recital will reflect what I was able to learn about his life, the places he lived, joys and hardships, and his final years.

II. Songs My Safta Sang to Me (a twist on Dvorak)

About two years after I was born, my parents moved from New York to a tiny town in Wisconsin. During this time, my Safta (grandmother in Hebrew) was brought to live with us for a year to help take care of my brother and I while my parents were busy establishing my Father’s first medical practice. She was an incredibly loving, wise, kind and educated woman who could read and speak fluently in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and Ladino. We remained very close until her death in 1987.
My Safta represented one of the oldest families in Israel with roots from Spain, Turkey and Greece. The program will be a musical portrait of my Safta, her roots, and a commissioned work (pending on funding) which will incorporate the melodies of the songs we sang together for hours.

III. A Portrait of a Musician as a Melting Pot (twist on Joyce)

This narrative represents a somewhat "auto-biographical" view, and will speak to the impact of the most important musical influences in my life. These include my first teacher, my mentors Leon Fleisher and Gina Bachauer, two of my teachers-Guido Agosti and Pierre Sancan, and my musical partner, Ivan Ženaty. The program will portray and serve as a tribute to the deep inspiration and tremendous influence of these wonderful musicians on me and my journey as a young musician through present times.

IV. My Country 'tis of Thee

The final narrative speaks to the immigrant experience by recognizing significant composers who immigrated to this country and composers that visited and were influenced by American culture. It will also include works of musical impressions by composers visiting or exiled to other countries.

The Repertoire

The composers listed for each program are representative of the basis for each program. Final works will be determined as the project nears completion.

I. In My Father's Footsteps: A Daughter's Search for Answers
Liadov, Rachmaninoff, Schubert/Liszt, Schumann, Ginastera

II. Songs My Safta Sang to Me: Music from the Mediterranean
Lavry, Albeniz, Saygun, Mompou, Commissioned work

III. A Portrait of a Musician as a Melting Pot: My Musical Mentors
Haydn, Brahms, Ravel, Stravinsky/Agosti, Janacek

IV. My Country 'tis of Thee
Bartok, Liszt, Bloch, Rachmaninoff, Martinu

The Journey: Compendium program